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Recently started using @FolkHQ to organize my personal and professional contacts... I’m incredibly impressed. Nails the intersection of simple and powerful as well as any product in recent memory

Been using Folk for a few months now and loving it as a tool for our business to be able to share contacts without having to have a sales-focused CRM. Keep up the great work! 🙌

I have been beta testing the product for a few months already and I am in LOVE! this is the best CRM you could ever have! congrats @tiboel and the Folk team!

Folk is to CRMs what Asana is to project management tools: better than all the other options.

I've tried so many CRMs including Salesforce, Insightly, Capsule, Copper, Aptivo, and plain old spreadsheets, and they were either too clunky, missing key features, or I had to pay a ridiculous amount of money to unlock pretty basic features.

I love that in Capsule I can create unlimited different types of groups to put my contacts into. Other CRMs either don't have that option or charge way too much for it.

We use Folk for a few month and we are big fans, they have an exceptional support service and clearly listen to feedback to improve the experience. Also they ship new features very fast! Well done gang!