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Codeless app builder, real-time database, serverless backend, and API service solutions so you can build apps faster.

How Backendless Works For You

Managing a growing user base is a constant challenge. Successful user management today means multiple authentication options including social login, session control and concurrent login rules, automated user data validation, and the ability to enable and disable users at will. Learn how Backendless gives you these abilities and more.


By Developers, For Developers

Our APIs are designed and implemented with love and care. Whether you’re a brand-new builder or seasoned developer, our goal is to make your app-building experience as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

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Backendless Your Way

Your Place or Ours(or a Little of Both)

Whether you’re looking to start with a cloud-based, full-service app development solution, consolidate your backend servers and expand with a platform hosted on your own servers, or a mixture of both, we have the perfect product for you.

Backendless Cloud

A centralized, secure, cloud-based installation of the Backendless Platform.

Backendless Pro

A dedicated instance on your on-premise or cloud servers with on-call support.

Managed Backendless

The Backendless Platform, installed anywhere & managed by our team.

Client Showcase

We serve clients of all sizes spanning dozens of industries. From small startups with one or two team members to large multinational corporations with millions of users worldwide, Backendless has experience with a business just like yours.


Matt Boring, founder of FindMy+1, had an app idea. It was not just any app idea, however. It was one of those ideas that wouldn’t go away, that just felt like it would work. There was just one problem – Matt isn’t a developer. So Matt turned to the Backendless team to bring his app to life for him.


StayShure, an expert Bubble agency, needed to overcome the inability of Bubble’s built-in backend to process complex data. Needing a powerful backend and database to bolster their clients’ apps, they turned to Backendless, marrying two leading no-code platforms in an innovative way.

Delevante Technologies

Modernizing legacy software with a large, jumbled codebase presents a massive challenge. Delevante Technologies chose Backendless to build a bolt-on feature, then leveraged Backendless to grow the project scope into a full rebuild on the platform.

When the pandemic struck, industries across the world saw a massive disruption to their conference cycle. Ben Powell created in just months to change the dynamic and open new avenues for virtual events across the world.

Second Warehouse

Second Warehouse makes it much easier to coordinate equipment rental for bands and musical artists. Their web app, built with a Backendless backend, provides a marketplace for organizers and vendors to negotiate prices and delivery dates for all of the AV equipment the band needs while on tour.

Bank al Etihad

Bank al Etihad uses Backendless to power its mobile app as they offer financial services such as checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and home and business loans to individuals, entrepreneurs, local and global businesses, and the next generation of female leaders.


Digital Copel by FUNX is packed full of fun and educational lessons for young children ages 0-6 – although the app developer guarantees older children and adults alike will also find them challenging! Read on to learn how FUNX has leveraged Backendless technology to make learning fun.


Starting as a fun side project, YTCount has grown to over 60,000 monthly active users on iOS alone. YTCount shows the powerful versatility and scalability of Backendless to support a startup from infancy through explosive growth.

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